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A Workshop with Actors and Singers



This film explores the art of song interpretation from a practical perspective.

It follows a workshop with Guildhall School professors
Martin Connor and Norbert Meyn. It investigates how singers can learn from actors when preparing a song performance.

The film focuses on songs with texts by the German poet
Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832), including Erlkönig and Kennst Du das Land (Mignon).

It informs about singers and performance practice of the 18th century (Goethes Rules for Actors) and includes performances of early classical songs in costume and in a modern concert setting.

Part 1    Discussing Text and Character
Part 2    Declamation and Expression
Part 3    Learning from Historical Style
Part 4    Further Tools and Summary

This film is T
his film is currently available through Alexander Street and can be viewed in many university libraries.

Playing time: 35min





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