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Norbert Meyn holds a position as Research and Knowledge Exchange Fellow at the Royal College of Music and has been involved in research at conservatoire level since 2004.

From 2019-2023 Norbert served as Principle Investigator of the AHRC project 'Music, Migration and Mobility - The Legacy of Migrant Musicians from Nazi Europe in Britain' (funded with approx. £900.000) and headed an international and interdisciplinary team of researchers. Please click here to visit the project's extensive online resource. 

Norbert's approach to research is both collaborative and practice-led, often making interdisciplinary connections and devising experimental projects.

As part of the Music, Migration and Mobility project he curated an exhibition with the same title at the the Royal College of Music Museum which combined physical objects and documents with digital materials such as musical recordings and oral history interviews. 

In 2016, his Exile-Estates project about the composer Peter Gellhorn received £50K of funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council to create an edition of Gellhorn's chamber music alongside a website that hosts recordings and provides ample context information.


Norbert also develops and presents regular performances based on this research with his professional Ensemble Emigre. Previous research projects at the Royal College of Music and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama focused on the history of vocal teaching and the performance practice of early German Lieder, which has lead to his acclaimed recording of Spiritual Songs by C.P.E. Bach with RCM colleague Terence Charlston and a Feature Film of the Goethe-Singspiel Erwin und Elmire, broadcast by ZDF TV in Germany. 


See the full list of Norbert's research publications and outputs on the RCM research online respository.

Selected articles:

Meyn, N. and Grosch, N. and Adey, P. (2023) Foregrounding mobility rather than belonging: a conceptual framework for engaging with music shaped by transnational migration. Acta Musicologica, 95 (1) pp. 4-20. ISSN 0001-6241 (print) 2296-4339 (online)

Meyn, N. (2023) Encounters with the émigré experience: discovering the chamber music and songs of Peter Gellhorn. 'Music and Exile: from 1933 to the Present Day' Yearbook of the Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies, 22 pp. 217-236. ISSN 1388-3720 (print) 1875-8118 (online)

Meyn, N. (2021) ‘Music, Migration and Mobility’: an ongoing research project at the Royal College of Music. Music & Practice, 9 ISSN 1893-9562 (online)

Meyn, N. (2021) Between two worlds: discovering the music of Robert Kahn (1865-1951). Classical Music ISSN 0961-2696 (print) 2632-8208 (online)

Meyn, N. (2020) Prince Albert and Anglo-German connections in 19th-century music. Angermion: Yearbook for Anglo-German Literary Criticism, Intellectual History and Cultural Transfers, 13 (1) pp. 197-212. ISSN 1438-2091 (print) 1868-9426 (online)


Meyn, N. (2018) Engaging with émigré music in Britain. Arts of the Working Class (3) p. 9. ISSN 2627-6984


Meyn, N. and Charlston, T. and Bavington, P. (2012) C.P.E. Bach songs with clavichord: a conversation with Norbert Meyn and Terence Charlston.The British Clavichord Society Newsletter (54) pp. 3-10. ISSN 1359-5105 (print)



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