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Launch Celebration: C. P. E. Bach Spiritual Songs

with Norbert Meyn, tenor and Terence Charlston, clavichord


at the Royal College of Music Museum, London


May 23 at 5.15pm.


Entry is free, and we would be delighted to see you. Please send a short email to if you are intending to attend. Please sign in as a visitor at RCM reception when you arrive. There is lift access to the museum (Level -2).


The idea for this recording was born in an research event at the RCM museum in 2012 lead by Prof. Amanda Glauert. 


We are grateful to The British Clavichord Society, Christopher Hogwood and for the research support given by the RCM to make it possible. The producer was Matt Parkin at the RCM studios.




Norbert Meyn and Terence Charlston will discuss various aspects of this unique recording project with

Martin Anderson (Toccata Classics) and Peter Bavington (Clavichord Maker and Editor of the Newsletter of the British Clavichord Society). 


This will be followed by a live performance using the Dolmetsch clavichord and other instruments from the RCM museum collection:


Passionslied (C. P. E. Bach / Gellert)


Seyn oder Nicht Seyn (C-minor Fantasia, C. P. E. Bach / Gerstenberg)


Über die Finsternis kurz vor dem Tode Jesu (C. P. E. Bach / Sturm)


Der Frühling (Mozart / Sturm)


Bitten (Beethoven / Gellert)





Listen to the most unusual track of the recording:


The famous text based on the Hamlet monologue

(To be or not to be - Sein oder nicht sein)


written by H. W. Gerstenberg (1737-1823) to fit with CPE Bach’s C Minor Fantasia

Visit Terence Charlston's website: click here

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