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DVD - History of Vocal Teaching II

Singing in English - A Session with Catherine Lambert, Hon. R.C.M.


Devised by Janis Kelly and Norbert Meyn.

The DVD introduces Catherine Lambert Hon R.C.M. (born 1918),
one of the most inspirational teachers of English Speech and Diction in the UK.

It discusses her training with the legendary founder of the Central School of Speech and Drama, Elsie Fogerty (1865-1945), who also taught the famous actors Laurence Olivier (1907-1989)
and John Gielgud (1904-2000).

It also provides excellent detail of her pedagogical approach and phonetic charts, and discusses breathing, vowels, consonants as well as the relationship between speech and singing.

It gives details of many exercises and their application. The exercises, which have been used by generations of students at the Royal College of Music, address posture, resonance, clarity of diction and particularly difficult combinations of sounds.

This film is currently available through Alexander Street and can be viewed in many university libraries.

Playing time: 44 min plus bonus features



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