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DVD - History of Vocal Teaching I  
An Exploration of a Vocal Lineage

A film by Janis Kelly and Norbert Meyn.

Discussing fundamental principles of singing passed down through the generations since the old italian masters.

The film gives an account of the teaching of Franziska Martienssen-Lohmann (1887-1971), one of the most influential German singing teachers in the 20th century, and of the famous German soprano Elisabeth Grümmer (1911-1985), featuring the German coloratura soprano Jutta Vulpius (born 1927) and her pupil Carola Höhn of the Staatsoper Berlin.

Following a direct lineage to great teachers in the 19th century, the Dutch baritone Johannes Messchaert (1857-1922), the German teacher Julius Stockhausen (1826-1906) and the Spanish educator Manuel Patricio Rodríguez García (1805-1906).

Giving examples of exercises for beginners and advanced students.

This film is currently available through Alexander Street and can be viewed in many University Libraries.

Playing time: 40 min

Supported by the Royal College of Music



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